PK Partnership of Phelps and Kearney County is a public-private consortium of area professionals with a deep interest in helping businesses succeed in South Central Nebraska. The NebraskaEDGE (Enhancing, Developing, and Growing Entrepreneurs) was established to offer entrepreneurial classes in communities across the state of Nebraska creating stronger, more viable businesses. Wanting to offer the EDGE class locally, area leaders from Phelps and Kearney County came together in 2006 to form PK Partnership and now offer the NebraskaEDGE class to local businesses as PK EDGE.


EDGE Class Provides Road Map for Area Business Owners


Small business owners tend to feel too busy to think about the future of their businesses, but studies show regularly taking time out to re-examine business goals allows businesses to flourish.  If you seek the time and structure to reinvent your business, the PK EDGE Class (Enhancing, Developing and Growing Entrepreneurs) is the answer!  


Ryan Fritsche, co-owner of S&W Auto Parts, is a graduate of the EDGE Class.  Reflecting on his experience, he said, “This is not just a class, it’s a requirement for business owners!  Every piece was so crucial to our success.  It is a true test of readiness to own your own business.” 

The PK Edge class will be offered in Holdrege, NE starting Monday, August 31, 2015 from 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM. The cost for the course is $450 and covers the cost for all materials needed for the class.  For any additional information, contact the PK EDGE Program Manager, Alli Donohue at 308-995-4148 or [email protected]




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