Community Studies & Reports


Community studies are an essential part of community development. They are often a good place to start for communities that have the desire to improve but are unsure about how to take the first step.

Community Needs Assessment Surveys

Community Needs Assessment Surveys are distributed to all households in a community, asking for their thoughts on city government, business and economic development, community facilities, education, child care, and housing within the community. The results are then presented at a town hall meeting, where residents have the chance to form task forces to develop the community’s top priorities.

Income Surveys

Income Surveys collect income information from a sample of households to determine the number of low and moderate income (LMI) persons in the community. Communities can be eligible for certain grant funding if over half of their population is considered LMI. Income surveys are often done in conjunction with Community Needs Assessment Surveys.

Comprehensive Plans

A Comprehensive Plan is a guide that helps a community decide what it wants to look like and how it wants to grow. In order to participate in some economic development activities, a community will need to have a current Comprehensive Plan.

Capital Improvement Plans

Capital Improvement Plans are short-term plans that assess the need for capital projects and provide a schedule and financial plan for implementing those projects.

Blight Studies

Blight Studies look at a proposed redevelopment area to determine if it meets the criteria for a blighted area.

Community Revitalization Studies
Community Investment Strategies

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