South Central Economic Development District, Inc. (SCEDD) is dedicated to the economic growth of our region. It is imperative that we assume a progressive posture and do our part to maintain and GROW our workforce. Currently, the lack of quality housing is a major limitation in positive economic growth in our region. Quality housing choices attract a workforce that enables Nebraska businesses to grow and communities to thrive.

The HomeSCEDD program is designed to address this issue and serve as a catalyst for housing activity. We believe SCEDD’s model of funding quality homes will deliver a positive, direct impact in providing housing and will inject energy into local economies.


Our goal is to develop a perpetual workforce housing fund to improve and increase housing options in the region through partnerships with funders, communities, organizations, businesses and individuals.


RWHF - Information Sheet

RWHF – Information Sheet – Download

SCEDD Rural Workforce Housing Revolving Loan Fund

  1. Purpose: The South Central Economic Development District, Inc. (SCEDD) Rural Workforce Housing Fund is a revolving loan fund which will provide loans for workforce housing efforts in the SCEDD Region.
  2. Geographic Service Area: Projects within the counties of Adams, Buffalo, Clay, Franklin, Hall, Hamilton, Harlan, Howard, Kearney, Merrick, Nuckolls, Phelps and Webster in Nebraska.
  3. Qualified Activities:
  4. Loans for construction of single family and multifamily housing
  5. Eligible Entities:
    • Municipalities
    • Community Development Authority / Community Redevelopment Authority
    • For Profit Entities
    • Not For Profit Entities
  6. Loan Type: Construction Loans. Permanent financing is not available through this program.   Construction loans will be due and payable upon sale or occupancy of the unit or the due date specified in the contract, whichever comes first.
  7. Loan Amounts:
    • The minimum loan amount is $50,000. The maximum loan amount is $275,000 per owner-occupied unit or  $200,000 per rental unit.  Projects utilizing this loan may not exceed a purchase price of $275,000 (land and infrastructure costs included) for owner-occupied units and may not exceed $200,000 (land and infrastructure costs included) for rental units.  * Per-unit limits apply regardless of financing amount provided by this fund. 
  8. Interest Rates/Fees: Loans may be assessed a flat fee in addition to or in lieu of interest rates.  Interest rates and/or fees for use of the revolving loan fund will vary by project due to the wide range of possible projects.  (Determination of which loan construct will be negotiated between the applicant and SCEDD, Inc.)
    • Loan Fee: Maximum of $5,000 per $200,000 loan. Loan fees are put in place to incentivize the quick turn-around of funds while minimizing risk to the applicant.  (Download full document for guidelines)
    • Interest Rates: Standard interest rate will be equal to the current inflation rate for the United States as published by the U.S. Labor Department (ex: 2.8% as of 5 July, 2018).
  9. Eligible entities will be asked to complete a pre-application. Selected pre-applicants will be invited to complete a full application.   Applications will be accepted on an open cycle based on financing available in the fund.   When money is repaid to the fund, additional loans will be made.
  10. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact SCEDD for questions. SCEDD staff will communicate with the applicants during the review of the application.  
  11. Collateral:
    • Deed of Trust on real estate.
    • Personal Guaranties or Loan Guarantors may be required as necessary

For more information, please contact:

Sharon Hueftle, Loan Officer                                                       Levi Adam, Fund Operations
sharonh@scedd.us                                                                          levi@scedd.us
308.455.4771                                                                                      308-455-4773



RWHF - Information Sheet

RWHF – Information Sheet – Download

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