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Tips from the Council of Better Business Bureaus

Prepare for All Hazards



This video provides a great overview of why business preparedness is important for businesses of all sizes and for a variety of disaster scenarios. Creating a disaster plan for your business is not a crazy scheme, it is a sure fire approach to helping you get your business back up and running for yourself, your employees, your customers and your community.


In Central Nebraska, local alerts by phone notification can be received at business lines through a county emergency notification system (contact your local Emergency Manager to register your work number). In addition, anyone is eligible to use the email and text notification system from Buffalo county.


Real businesses and real disasters



In the aftermath of a major disaster, 40 to 60% of small businesses fail to recover. Every business should have an emergency plan. It can save lives, company assets and your entire business. With a minimal investment of time and money, you can complete a plan that reduces you business’ downtime in the event of a disaster, big or small.