NEBizRecovery – Resources – Tools and Templates

Resource Tools and Templates


Section 1: I.C.E. Toolkit

The I.C.E. Toolkit focuses on steps to begin your disaster plan including listing essential business functions, specifyingprobable risks, and identifying important contact information and equipment resources.

Step 1 I: Identify Functions, Resources, and Risks

Step 2 C: Contacts

Step 3 E: Equipment

Section 2: C.P.R. Toolkit

The C.P.R. Toolkit focuses on steps to enhance your disaster plan including developing communication plans, information aboutprotection measures for employees including evacuation and shelter-in-place plans, information about protection information for property and identifying the actions to review and modify the plan.

Step 4 C: Communication

Step 5 P: Protect

Step 6 R: Review & Revise

Additional tools

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