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Getting Started

    • Phase I – Data Collection
        • Phase II – Plan Development
            • Phase III – Plan Testing & Maintenance



Building a disaster recovery or business continuity plan is much like many other plans you develop in life. You will have to do some background research and begin collecting information for the plan. Next, you will have to dedicate some time and resources in order to develop the plan. And finally, you will have to put the plan to the test to see if it works and decide how to keep the plan updated if it is a long-term plan.

To help you get started on a plan to prepare your business, we conducted some of the research on the fundamentals of disaster planning and our findings are presented through the resource material available here.
So if you were asking yourself, “Where do I begin?” You’ve found the answer!

Ready to get started? View our Disaster Recovery Planning Presentation from our webinar series to learn more about the need for a process and a plan to prepare for the unexpected.