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Planning Guide


Dear Business Owner,


All businesses, large or small, are exposed to unforeseen events and the effects can vary greatly from business to business. Is your business vulnerable? Is your business prepared to recover from an unexpected event? Those business owners who have been impacted by an unexpected event know the importance of being prepared. Can you count yourself and your business among this group?


If you do not have a plan, we encourage you do to so, and we have put together this guide to help you get started on a plan to prepare your business. Disaster recovery planning is critical to business survival and includes both emergency and continuity plans to ensure a business can adequately respond as well as continue operations when an event happens.


In addition, being prepared may not only help you recover from an unexpected event, being prepared may also help you prevent anticipated events and reduce the impact of other events. The benefits of being prepared far outweigh the investment of planning and the time you dedicate to developing a plan.


Review the steps outlined in this guide to begin or enhance the disaster planning efforts for your business and contact the SCEDD office with questions at 308-995-3190.



Sharon Hueftle

Executive Director, SCEDD


Download the Disaster Recovery Planning Guide